Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate

Almost any city in the United States has been and continues to grow as an attractive place to live in and own a home. There are many city’s that offer their residents several tax-saving incentives and savings. Why wouldn’t you invest in a city that gives you money back? Real estate experts have made out ratings very high on the Phoenix, Arizona real estate market, and they are being proven right now.

Phoenix, Arizona, was recently listed as one of the two most favorite cities when it comes to favorite team sports throughout the United States. It is believed by experts, including people like sports celebrities David Beckham and Capella, that the Phoenix, Arizona real estate market is one of the top 2 markets for using either of the team sports available: American football and baseball, and Arizona basketball. Phoenix, Arizona rates high in all sports categories.

It is believed that Phoenix offers the best and most beneficial sports opportunities and team sports. What about taxes, does this rating sound good to you? Below you’ll find some of the things you should be hoping to achieve if you are an investor in real estate using one of these two team sports: American football and baseball and Arizona basketball.

Both sports offer tax-saving opportunities that most professional sports don’t, and there are very good reasons for it:

– When the owner of a qualified Phoenix, Arizona property hires a qualified property taxes accountant and obtains property tax advice from a professional property tax attorney, not only will the owner potentially save on their property taxes, but they may also potentially reduce their income tax, not to mention the money they pay in representation fees to their team, which are usually referred to as ” Supports”.- The owner of a Phoenix, Arizona property who is a qualified property owner and negotiates with his team in order to lower his team’s salary, get rid of the team’s “lockbox” appearance fees, and not pay any “locked-in” fantasy costs, benefits, or guarantees to his/her team, may potentially save up to an additional $700,000 in fees and taxes alone! Sounds better than the team’s revenue stream you ask? Depending on the size and complexity of the property, tax-paying owners can potentially receive up to 2/3 of their total team’s revenue stream by lowering their tax bill. That is an amazing way for owners to save money for their investment just by “helping” out their own team. This is like putting a leaf on their own back.

Phoenix, Arizona is an eight times millionaire tourist destination. That means, its population of over 2.3 million, plus, millions of leisure travelers, visitors, students, workers, and retirees, spends an average of 16 hours a year in the city. Each of the 8 times during the year will spend money in the city that generates more money for Phoenix, Arizona out of their pockets than they would anywhere else. These statistics represent only the city’s purchase power. What about the other 120 plus cities and towns in the province and county of Maricopa, Arizona? They all have as much spending power as the city of Phoenix.

ESCROW & burial combining is a sure magic. The first step is to get the owner’s tax bill and take it to the assessor. This process requires 2-4 weeks of your time though. Half your tax bill will not have been submitted yet because the owner had already submitted it to his or her tax assessor. The second step is to contact the tax assessor, have him or her call the tax collector in order for the county treasurer to obtain the purchase and re-assessment asking price of their “borrower”. Now, all that’s left is to find the nearest appraiser to verify the value. You have just helped the tax collector increase his/her whole tax bill. By lowering your tax bill, you have saved your buyer thousands of dollars in ad valid fees. The bottom line, the seller is happy, you are happy, and most importantly, the seller’s agent is happy. No Lowball Offers.

If your team does not have a “Team Truck”, let me suggest a very inexpensive Service Contract that any good real estate company should use. This is for one real estate transaction. It costs only a few dollars for the Realtor to maintain, bunch the receipts together, make a transfer from one account to another, and submit the file to the company that is paying you for the transaction. Let’s do a closer look…

Let’s assume that we have a Seller for our property who avails him/herself at your expense to do some cleaning, knock-off some fixtures, make some minor repairs to the plumbing, some carpet cleaning, etc., and is now ready to list their property. Usually, for this type of property, the seller doesn’t want to pay your fees, so they hide this information from you.