Home Mortgage Refinance – Choosing a Broker

Buying a home for the first time can be very exciting, as well as frightening if you don’t take the process seriously. Home mortgage refinance involves a lot of paperwork and involves a lot of relying on people who know most about home mortgages. That’s...

Real Estate Terms – Knowing What They Are

Real estate is composed of all those immovable properties that land possess. The immovable properties are the structures that are immovable. Above there is the air, and then are immovable objects that are non-erasable. Among these non-erasable objects are planted as...

Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate

Almost any city in the United States has been and continues to grow as an attractive place to live in and own a home. There are many city’s that offer their residents several tax-saving incentives and savings. Why wouldn’t you invest in a city that gives...
Home Mortgage Refinance – Choosing a Broker

Home Mortgage Refinance – Choosing a Broker

Buying a home for the first time can be very exciting, as well as frightening if you don’t take the process seriously. Home mortgage refinance involves a lot of paperwork and involves a lot of relying on people who know most about home mortgages.

That’s why it’s always good to have a real estate broker to deal with your case. They are skilled and trained to find the best home mortgage refinance for you and make sure that your paperwork gets processed in a timely way.

“Going it alone” is one of the biggest mistakes people make when looking at home mortgage refinance. And it can come with a serious price, especially if you go it alone without assistance. Many people scour the papers, look at ads, and call up lenders looking to get a home mortgage to refinance.

In most cases, this doesn’t work. If you contact multiple lenders and get declined, the rejection stings will be served to hone your elsewhere. Having a broker with you makes lenders want to work more with you. They are trained in mortgage fraud, and they have a lot of experience closing the best deals. They can find the best loan for you and can put both parties in a much better position to get the loan through.

A real estate broker’s purpose is to represent both parties to ensure that the transaction will go smoothly. While they don’t have the same authority as a lender, they have years of experience and know-how to close the loan. They will help you be sure it closes. They also get a lower rate for both of you. Not only that but a broker is paid a percentage of your total savings (if you chose to do that).

If you are looking for a home mortgage refinance, a broker is the best way to go. They are trained to find the best home mortgage refinance option. They have the experience to move through the paperwork, real estate agents are rarely trained on how to do their job, and so the lenders end up not following through with their own guidelines. A home mortgage refinance is a serious process and to ensure you receive the best options, you should work with a broker.

All lenders are different, and you want to look at each one you are considering using in addition to finding a broker. Most are full of information but you want to find those that specialize in refinances. You want to ask both lenders and brokers questions that won’t seem like they are out of the ordinary.

You would be surprised at how many lenders don’t have a clue about how it is to do a refinance and what an important financial move it would be. You want them to help you understand that your home is the only thing you have that can buy them and you should step in when you see a problem coming.

All lenders are different and you want to see that they specialize in doing home mortgage refinances for people. The lender may not know how to find the best rates so they will tell you that they can but you really should look at their options and find out for yourself what they could offer you.

A good place to start is with your current lender. Most people are happy with their current lender and they are happy to keep doing business with them. A lot of your monthly payment will actually go to interest rather than principle. So do what it takes to lower the cost you pay on each loan, do it in a consistent manner and pay off your loans in a shorter timespan. You will be surprised how much you can save.

Real Estate Terms – Knowing What They Are

Real Estate Terms – Knowing What They Are

Real estate is composed of all those immovable properties that land possess. The immovable properties are the structures that are immovable. Above there is the air, and then are immovable objects that are non-erasable. Among these non-erasable objects are planted as well as in particular the land. Hence, the properties include sand, rock, water, plants, minerals, and cement.

This is particularly important when we talk about real estate. Since the properties differ according to the state, we cannot lump all properties under one heading. Thus, we have to define several terms in order to be able to differentiate between different states and real estate.

The environmental position of a property.

When we talk about real estate, we can split it into two parts. One is connected to environmental issues and the other is connected to economic issues. It will be better if we will understand the environmental issues of a property, especially when you want to commit any changes to it.

The things that create an environmental impact are those, which are totally in your concern and control. They can be anything such as using an offshore platform for shipping purposes. This can be noticed when shipping becomes heavy. The ships use less fuel which leads to less carbon emission. As a business, there might be an increase in the minimum environmental impact.

Of course, there are lots of other issues that can behave by a property which is very critical in one’s decision making. This is the reason why environmental impact assessment is very important when it occurs to commercial property.

The common properties that are considered for real estate.

When we concentrate our search, we will find that there are lots of common real estate properties. This is the reason why we can say that the properties are divided into two different categories. These properties can be commercial or residential.

The first category is the ones that can be considered as commercial property. Since they are situated in a commercial building and should be treated as such. On the other hand, there are also residential properties that are mostly residential. They only contain apartments or condominiums. These apartments are mostly residential, which means they are situated for private use.

The reason why there are lots of commercial lands is actually simple. This is the reason why we can say that almost every business exists. Therefore, there will also be lots of jobs and people will need a place to stay. As long as these needs will exist, then the land will be there. But if there is no need for them to have a place to stay, then the immovable property will be useless.

In terms of making decisions with this, we should go with the ones that are good for our aspect. This is true enough, especially for businessmen. Normally, the businessmen are seeking a place where they can build a factory or a store. They don’t want one that is not complete instead of one that is.

Determining the importance of the environmental impact when investing in real estate will also depend on the reason why you are entering into that estate transaction. However, we should keep in mind that as a businessman there are things that can help us in gaining clients. If we can be helpful enough to our customers, then it will be easier for us to make money for our business.

Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate

Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate

Almost any city in the United States has been and continues to grow as an attractive place to live in and own a home. There are many city’s that offer their residents several tax-saving incentives and savings. Why wouldn’t you invest in a city that gives you money back? Real estate experts have made out ratings very high on the Phoenix, Arizona real estate market, and they are being proven right now.

Phoenix, Arizona, was recently listed as one of the two most favorite cities when it comes to favorite team sports throughout the United States. It is believed by experts, including people like sports celebrities David Beckham and Capella, that the Phoenix, Arizona real estate market is one of the top 2 markets for using either of the team sports available: American football and baseball, and Arizona basketball. Phoenix, Arizona rates high in all sports categories.

It is believed that Phoenix offers the best and most beneficial sports opportunities and team sports. What about taxes, does this rating sound good to you? Below you’ll find some of the things you should be hoping to achieve if you are an investor in real estate using one of these two team sports: American football and baseball and Arizona basketball.

Both sports offer tax-saving opportunities that most professional sports don’t, and there are very good reasons for it:

– When the owner of a qualified Phoenix, Arizona property hires a qualified property taxes accountant and obtains property tax advice from a professional property tax attorney, not only will the owner potentially save on their property taxes, but they may also potentially reduce their income tax, not to mention the money they pay in representation fees to their team, which are usually referred to as ” Supports”.- The owner of a Phoenix, Arizona property who is a qualified property owner and negotiates with his team in order to lower his team’s salary, get rid of the team’s “lockbox” appearance fees, and not pay any “locked-in” fantasy costs, benefits, or guarantees to his/her team, may potentially save up to an additional $700,000 in fees and taxes alone! Sounds better than the team’s revenue stream you ask? Depending on the size and complexity of the property, tax-paying owners can potentially receive up to 2/3 of their total team’s revenue stream by lowering their tax bill. That is an amazing way for owners to save money for their investment just by “helping” out their own team. This is like putting a leaf on their own back.

Phoenix, Arizona is an eight times millionaire tourist destination. That means, its population of over 2.3 million, plus, millions of leisure travelers, visitors, students, workers, and retirees, spends an average of 16 hours a year in the city. Each of the 8 times during the year will spend money in the city that generates more money for Phoenix, Arizona out of their pockets than they would anywhere else. These statistics represent only the city’s purchase power. What about the other 120 plus cities and towns in the province and county of Maricopa, Arizona? They all have as much spending power as the city of Phoenix.

ESCROW & burial combining is a sure magic. The first step is to get the owner’s tax bill and take it to the assessor. This process requires 2-4 weeks of your time though. Half your tax bill will not have been submitted yet because the owner had already submitted it to his or her tax assessor. The second step is to contact the tax assessor, have him or her call the tax collector in order for the county treasurer to obtain the purchase and re-assessment asking price of their “borrower”. Now, all that’s left is to find the nearest appraiser to verify the value. You have just helped the tax collector increase his/her whole tax bill. By lowering your tax bill, you have saved your buyer thousands of dollars in ad valid fees. The bottom line, the seller is happy, you are happy, and most importantly, the seller’s agent is happy. No Lowball Offers.

If your team does not have a “Team Truck”, let me suggest a very inexpensive Service Contract that any good real estate company should use. This is for one real estate transaction. It costs only a few dollars for the Realtor to maintain, bunch the receipts together, make a transfer from one account to another, and submit the file to the company that is paying you for the transaction. Let’s do a closer look…

Let’s assume that we have a Seller for our property who avails him/herself at your expense to do some cleaning, knock-off some fixtures, make some minor repairs to the plumbing, some carpet cleaning, etc., and is now ready to list their property. Usually, for this type of property, the seller doesn’t want to pay your fees, so they hide this information from you.

Lead Generation Strategies for Realtors

Lead Generation Strategies for Realtors

Real estate lead-generating strategies are a great way to maximize your real estate business.

lead generation is one of the most crucial aspects like advertising and marketing all business-oriented companies need to have stable lead generating strategies because, with proper use, lead generation techniques make the customer base pool much wider and more reliable. The key to success in lead generation is to follow a few important guidelines.

The most crucial aspect of lead generation is getting good information. It is necessary to work with up-to-date information that provides details about the status of the leads and the importance of each lead. This information should be able to generate all the details that will eventually provide information that will generate leads.

The next important thing that needs to be known is the proper way of passing the important and harmful information. In certain severe cases, the customer might not be able to get through his or her telephone or may face difficulties while talking with the realtor. To avoid such circumstances, it is better to pass the important but harmful or sensitive information in different ways so as to avoid sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Proper customer service will be a big help in this case.

The guidelines provided by the World Wide Web will be helpful in building a good base for the business. Knowledge is power in every field, so the more you know about the real estate business, the more would be your chances of success in the market. Through proper lead generation, customers can easily find the details they require, and hence, lead generation can become a source of constant cash.

Another powerful tool that leads to generating great leads and staying at the head of the industry is the use of online websites. Online websites are one of the most effective and quickest methods of lead generation. Besides, there are several real estate business define websites that help in generating new leads to their success.

Lead generation is a two-way process, but the most important thing is that it has to be done carefully. Mistakes in lead generation are very costly because they can result in the loss of good clients and a lot of money.

There are many effective lead-generating strategies, but a lot depends on the skill of the person. Knowing these skills will allow a person to create new and result-getting strategies.

Some of the best strategies in lead generation are mentioned below:

1. Targeting Leads – It is always possible to get targeted leads by multiplying your advertisement advertisements with the help of websites that are popular and ninety percent reliable. Advertising on these websites can work because there are a large number of interested customers on these websites.

2. Qualify Leads – It is a common practice among the realtors to get a head start in checking the eligibility of the leads by asking for a small initial deposit, agreeing to the conditions of the lead generation website. Once the lead has been converted into a client, then that transaction is handled by the buyer’s agent at a fee that both parties agreed on before the transaction.

3. Goals – Any lead generation method will require a well-defined, focused goal. In order to create goals on these leads, an agent needs to get to work on his or her lead generation business in a systematic way. Check out target marketing to get the industry on track.

How Much Do I Know As a Mortgage Broker?

How Much Do I Know As a Mortgage Broker?

Kind of I should say I don’t know anything because what I know is still just a testament to my education. My education in divert visits, credit, pricing, Come values, etc and my State’s license is very good, over 6 years, I learned very well. These are all subjects I know very well but I would never forget the various courses, monthly, quarterly, year to year training, webinars, etc, which cost MONEY!

Now you ask what is a Mortgage Broker, what’s the difference? A Mortgage Broker is the guy that finds the borrowers and calls up the banks and eventually submits the ” duly accredited wishes” in the form of an offer on a property. Brokers for mortgage brokers have to join either a national electronic or a board recognized association.

Most people think that a Mortgage Broker makes a lot of money and that he checks up on all of the borrowers. What they don’t understand is the responsibility of the broker is to make reasonable and “simulate” offers to the different banks, even though the brokerethanks. The responsibility of a Mortgage Broker is to get the borrowers approved (which has to be in process) and the bankers have to make a decision. So this may look something like this:

Mortgage Broker finds borrower and finds bank happy to lend. A broker gets paid 3% commission/points, the bank doesn’t take any less. Now we know what occurs. But let’s say that the Broker has done his job and he brings the borrower and a bank is happy to lend, so now we have a happy broker/banker. The mortgage broker has to get paid 3% of the loan. He is not paid anything because he is the mind and they have to pay the mortgage broker.

Now we need to make a determination as to what the “Sum of the parts” is. The mortgage buyers lump sum of the loan for ¼ of the parts. Where did all the money come from? It came from the wholesale bank charges. It is known that wholesale bank charges are a very, very high percentage. So I am just wondering, why are all of the bankers giving away money in wholesale loans. Hey, they have to pay the mortgage broker, right? What’s wrong with that? If everybody is getting paid, everybody is benefiting, right?

Truth be told, in my 25 years in the lending industry, I have seen a lot of things, I have been an asset manager on loan after loan, I have made some people fall on the pavement and I have helped them get up and walk again. But most importantly I have watched professionals in every industry work very hard for their money and get nothing in return. Is a Mortgage Broker get paid just to be a “clown?” I have made millions as a mortgage broker, I have helped people come out of bad situations, but I have heard countless professionals in every industry work harder to create business for themselves, take the risk away from other people and create policies that help other people while they suffer? No, I don’t think so.

I think that is the reason why every person should own a business. Because they can truly believe in what they are doing and they can choose to work very hard.

So how much money you make nor how much you are paid in your lifetime is where it all starts. I think you need to realize that you deserve to be treated with dignity and if you don’t receive it then you need to either take care of your business or find someone that will assist you in the process of growing it.

It is not just about how much money you make you can also get paid to help with the growing process. Most importantly, it is about how much you care about others and the value you have for a society that will bring so many good memories to someone’s life

We all have a choice on how hard we work because if we care enough about our clients and the people we work for, then good things will happen. You have a choice to work hard or play hard or sit back and count your blessings.

Deal Only With A Professional Real Estate Agent

Deal Only With A Professional Real Estate Agent

If you are a lender or mortgage professional, it would be good if you wouldn’t shave your head (and therefore your hair) off before stepping into the board meeting. You’d be surprised at how many cleaver lenders think they know everything about everyone, then curve them around and pray they don’t get burned. Here are some questions, from a lender’s perspective, that you should ask yourself when considering a short sale listing agent. If the answers are ‘yay’ or ‘nay,’ then that agent is the right agent for you. If the answers are ‘boo’ or ‘nay,’ then you should keep out of his or her hair. But let’s not go into unfair dealing.

Does the realtor have ‘guaranteed’ listings?

Some short sale listing agents may make the claim that their short sales and REO listings are ‘guaranteed to result in the listing. Does the agent have Fannie Mae or sightings of the dollar amount to list each property? No, might not even happen. But look at the listings either before or after the company claims the ‘guaranteed’ pools of ‘guaranteed’ listings. Are the listings real? Often, the listing agent simply may not know whether a property is a short sale or an REO. A short sale listing is a property in distress that a lender has approved for a short sale and is offering to let the property ‘work its way through the pipeline.’ But a listing is not a property in distress that a lender will approve for a short sale.

Will the agent give you exclusive listing leads?

An exclusive listing lead is information exclusively given to the listing agent which the lender will not be given to the acquisition agent. It costs a listing agent nothing to provide because the listing broker is actually profiting from the sale. Why then is a bank so quick to deny the request for exclusive listings? Look at the listing prices of the property. In an REO scenario, the prices are only partially negotiable because the banks are already taking a loss and will be fighting not to eat up all the upside money of the loss. In a short sale scenario, the banks are already receiving a profit from the sale and, even though they ‘may’ open the property to the public for a glimpse, often will reject the low-ball offers. That puts the listing agent in the position of ‘ contesting’ the price paid or making ridiculous lows as a way to get the listing. The listing agent is getting paid a commission for having the property listed and having contact with all potential buyers; so there is nothing ‘numbers’ to pay. If the agent is open to listening to your requests and setting your expectations at a level that will result in a successful and profitable closing, then look at the listing as an opportunity for the listing agent. The bank is paying the commission, and they don’t want you to go broke while they’re pulling the rug out from under you. If you look at the listing as an opportunity for your representative to not waste his or her time, then any other logic, the deal just doesn’t stack up.

Is the agent truly an ‘asset’ and partner to you, not the bank?

Don’t mar the wonderful relationship you and your agent have. The agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the bank to be an asset and partner to you. Be wary of any agent that tries to lose the bank as a service to you.

The larger banks are more likely to be open to working with agents that will achieve results for them that are in line with their goals, even to simply cover the operating expenses of doing business with you. They will, of course, be looking to get the highest price possible and are in it for the long haul. You can convince a bank to delay the foreclosure process and there are many other strategies you can use to work with a bank, but if you aren’t skilled in these areas you should go where the money is… direct lender money, that is.

Easing Housing Transitions for Seniors

Easing Housing Transitions for Seniors

There comes a time when families start to think about senior members moving. Factors such as retirement, finances, lifestyle, health or the distance between family members are just a few of the reasons why seniors may decide to relocate.

Moving is a big decision especially when a senior has lived in one place for a very long time. Many things must be considered, including access to health care, recreation, social activities and practical concerns, such as grocery stores, libraries, climate, etc.

Access to Quality Care

For many seniors access to health care or options for health care assistance is the primary reason for moving. When considering options it is important to look at the short-term solutions, but also consider long term scenarios. Options may include drop-in help, moving closer to a family member that can assist when needed or retirement communities that offer fully independent living to supportive assistance as required.

Community Services

It is also important to research the area community services. You will want to make note of services such as home care, cleaning services, snow removal, transportation, and home repair. Some individuals may want access to volunteer organizations or senior centers where they can be involved in the community.


As an older adult, moving is an especially difficult transition. Finding the support the senior needs in the new community is imperative. Groups that seniors can connect with will help the transition go smoother. Connect with church groups, home visit solutions or perhaps meetings that would be conducted in a home setting.

Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Are you tired of spending so much money on things like furniture polish? Do you want to free your home from harmful chemicals? You can be frugal and live green by making your own furniture polish.

Here are three recipes for making your own homemade furniture polish:

Recipe I


1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice
1 tablespoon boiled linseed oil
1 tablespoon turpentine

1. Combine the ingredients in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake until blended.

2. Dampen a cloth with cold water and wring it out until it’s dry.

3. Saturate the cloth with the mixture and apply sparingly to a small area at a time.

4. Let dry for about 30 minutes, then polish with a soft cloth. This mixture gets gummy as it sits, so make just enough for one day’s work.

Recipe II


White vinegar  
Lemon juice

1. Combine equal parts white vinegar and lemon juice in a bowl or spray bottle.

2. Use a clean cloth to rub a small amount of the polish into your furniture.

3. Wipe dry with another cloth.

Recipe III


1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup lemon juice

1. Combine olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl or spray bottle.

2. Use a clean cloth to rub a small amount of the polish into your furniture.

3. Wipe dry with another cloth.


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